What is Mobile Cash?

everyone can access cash from ATM's using a Just Cash code, no card required

For most, technology is synonymous with innovation. Getting cash is anything but. Who wants to fiddle with new technology just to access some cash? Most would prefer to keep it routine, thank you.

That is all changing with the rise of mobile cash. Mobile Cash is a feature of mobile banking that lets the average mobile device user access cash from ATMs using a mobile app. No card required, no new accounts, and no personal information shared. This creates a simple, secure, and convenient way for millions of users to access their cash.

Just Cash is a mobile cash solution that is leading the industry in security, ease of use, and interoperability. Users of Just Cash simply employ the feature to generate a one-time Just Cash Code, select “Mobile Cash” at their ATM on the home screen, enter the Just Cash Code, and then withdraw their money as they normally would.

Simple, Secure and Convenient – Mobile Cash via ATM,

powered by Just Cash

1. Sign In
2. Create Code
3. Your Cash
1. Sign In to Existing Mobile App

No new accounts to create, login details to remember, or balances to transfer.

2. Create Just Cash Code

Select the ATM you would like to withdraw from, select the amount of cash to withdraw, and approve any convenience fees.

3. Withdraw Your Cash

Select Mobile Cash on the home screen, enter the Just Cash Code, and receive cash!

By accessing ATM's via a mobile app and secure Just Cash Code, users rest easy knowing that fraud, card hacking, and lost and stolen cards are a thing of the past. ATM ISO's and IAD's can capture new revenue, and financial institutions and mobile app creators can engage customers while strengthening their brand. It’s a win-win-win!

Just Cash Equals
Reduced Fraud
No lost or stolen cards
Increased customer engagement
New revenue opportunities
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