the transition to mobile cash

a simple, secure, convenient solution to engage with today's customers

Engage Customers

Today, more than 68% of U.S. adults have a smartphone, and over 45% own a tablet or other kind of mobile device, according to data from the Pew Research Center. In fact, since 2014 there have been more mobile users than desktop users in any given year. This widespread adoption of mobile has opened up new avenues to service the need for cash access. So far, mobile financial solutions from non-traditional players has been the norm, threatening financial institutions’ engagement with customers.

Just Cash helps financial institutions of all kinds remain relevant in this growing segment. Financial institutions can now offer a mobile app, or integrate Just Cash into their existing offering, to allow customers more convenient, secure, and flexible access to cash at ATMs and through other partners. By taking back control of this “last critical mile,” financial institutions can solidify their brand and defend themselves from competition.

Fight Fraud

Every year, more than 38.1 million credit and debit cards are breached by hackers and criminals committing fraud. No wonder 7 out of 10 Americans list “hacking and credit fraud” as their biggest fear. Money spent on fraud protection by financial institutions alone comes to more than $6.5 billion annually.

When clients use Just Cash to access an ATM, the process creates a single-use, GEO location, time-sensitive, and value-limited cash code. No personal information is entered or shared. All codes are stored for a limited time in a securely hosted token vault, with bank-level encryption at every step. These features eliminate a hacker’s ability to get any useful information and virtually eliminates the possibility of fraud.

Transition Easily

It is estimated that consumers withdraw $600 billion in cash from ATMs globally every year. Over $300 billion—more than half—of that money comes from ATMs in the U.S. alone. Although mobile cash solutions are helping to increase access and fight fraud, many of those existing solutions live in “siloed” systems that do not connect to existing networks, or that do not work with all existing ATMs.

Just Cash is built differently. It uses an interoperable standard that works with existing infrastructure, guaranteeing both a high level of security and compatibility with existing ATMs. No new hardware is needed and processing/settlement utilizes existing infrastructure. Easy to integrate for you, and easy to use for your customers.

Quick Facts

Expand your mobile capabilities 

The mobile transition is well underway and customers are expecting financial institutions to make their lives easier with technology. Mobile cash provides an opportunity to expand your mobile capabilities and further engage with your customer with this critical function of commerce. 

The technology has effectively garnered support from major industry participants

Just Cash brings together two technologies that are already proven and trusted: ATMs and mobile apps. Cash transactions process on existing rails using bank-level encryption, and all transactions use pseudo-random, cryptographically secure algorithms and token generation for maximum security. Time limited, value limited, and GPS specific. These security features help financial institutions address the number one concern: fraud.

Save on costs

Using mobile technology, banks and other financial institutions can reduce the cost of their card programs by saving on lost, stolen, and compromised cards. Utilizing the existing rails and interchanges also reduces integration and development cost across the ATM spectrum. Which, in turn, increases your return on investment. 

Enhance customers’ mobile experience

Just Cash allows financial institutions to enhance customers’ mobile experience by providing them with the last “critical mile” and a vital function of commerce: access to cash. Just Cash reduces costs associated with card issuance, fraud, and management. The transition is easy, using a mobile solution backwards compatible with most ATMs and requiring no new hardware.

Implementation Process
Request a Demo

Request a demo and a Just Cash rep will be glad to show you how simple Just Cash is to use. We will work with you to understand your mobile cash needs and ambitions so we can effectively provide a seamless solution for your valued customer.


Integrate API

Enable your mobile app with our API. Mobile Cash becomes available to your customers in your existing mobile app menu. Integration is supported by our hardworking and friendly development team.


Enable ATM's

Enable your ATM’s with our API. Make Just Cash available to your customers across your ATM network. Make your ATM network available to new customers, new transactions, and new revenue from other mobile app users and increase the utility of your ATM network.

Deploy to Customers!

Through our partners, distribution channels, and thoughtful approach we work with you to best define a path for deployment to your customers to maximize engagement and customer interaction.