What is Mobile Cash? What is Just Cash?
Mobile cash is simply the ability to allow customers to withdraw cash from an ATM using their mobile device. Just Cash is a powerful mobile cash app that gives financial institutions, ATM owners, and app developers the ability to tap into the growing mobile cash market. Your financial institution may already be using Just Cash as part of their mobile banking offerings.
What do customers need to use Just Cash?
All a person needs is a smartphone or tablet that can download and run a Just Cash-enabled app. Once a customer has the app, he or she can start accessing cash via participating ATMs.
Is there a fee to use Just Cash?
Many financial institutions and payment services do charge a small fee to customers for using their mobile app. This is often enough to cover the costs of implementing and using Just Cash.
Is Just Cash secure?
Yes—more secure than the average ATM/debit card-based transaction. Just Cash uses security features similar to those found in major financial institutions around the world.
Is any personal information shared when using Just Cash?
No, neither personal nor account information is shared. Transactions make use of a one-use, randomized token, removing the need to send and receive account information.
What mobile phones can Mobile Cash be used on?
Apple (iOS 10) and Android (Android 6.0 Marshmallow). Mobile phones capable of receiving text messages can also receive Just Cash codes from family and friends. No smartphone or bank account required.
What happens if a customer’s mobile device is lost or stolen?
Access to the account is as restricted as access to the customer’s mobile application. A potential thief would need to login to the phone, then login to the mobile banking app (or other app) to gain access to Just Cash. As long as those are secure, the account is safe.
Where can one find a Just Cash ATM?
Customers can locate ATMs through the app using GPS or the search function.
I have a question that isn’t covered in this FAQ. Who can I ask?
Feel free to direct questions to info@just.cash.