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Increase Revenue

More transactions at your ATM or place of business mean more fees and more profits. But physical machines are in danger of being replaced by recent innovations, like online and mobile methods of payment. One survey of more than 10,000 banking clients ages 18 to 33 found that nearly 70% believed they would be accessing money in totally different ways in just five years.

Just Cash is a way to tap into the growing mobile cash market. ATM customers use a smartphone app to generate a one-time cash code, and then use this code to access their cash. Giving customers fast, secure access to cash means larger market share, and new business is possible from remittance companies, banks, and digital wallets.

Remain Relevant

A three-year study by Scratch, a unit of Viacom, found that 73% of consumers would be more excited about a new offering from Google, Amazon, Apple, PayPal, or Square than from their own bank. Financial institutions are increasingly adopting mobile cash solutions in order to compete. ATMs that are compatible with these solutions will be the most used, and the most profitable.

Thousands of ATMs are already compatible with mobile cash solutions. Just Cash offers an easy way to plug into a growing mobile network and take advantage of innovative technologies. This new generation of ATMs will fit seamlessly into the world of online and mobile transactions built for tech-savvy customers.

Avoid Fraud

Every year, more than 38.1 million credit and debit cards are breached by hackers and criminals committing fraud. Many times, it is ATM ISO’s and IAD’s who are on the hook for part or all of the related charges when the fraud is discovered.

Just Cash offers an unparalleled level of security. Users start with an app on their mobile phone, which adds a level of security. Each transaction creates a single-use, GEO location, time-sensitive, and value-limited cash code. No personal information is entered or shared, meaning that fraud is virtually eliminated. By encouraging fraud-proof transactions, ATM ISO’s and IAD’s avoid unnecessary charges.

Quick Facts

Increase foot traffic

Today’s customers are increasingly utilizing mobile technology to complete a wide variety of financial transactions. They are continuing to leave their wallets behind, however, finding themselves in need of cash. Connect these mobile customers to your ATM and reach them in new ways through proximity marketing and increase foot traffic. Adoption will grow quickly when customers see how easy it is.

A software solution

For ATM ISO’s and IAD’s, there is no investment in hardware. Just Cash is a software solution that is available to install across your ATM fleet through remote distribution or USB. No additional time, training, or effort is needed. A simple installation that connects your fleet to today’s customers.

Mobile adoption makes your ATMs available to new customers, today’s customers

ATM ISO’s and IAD’s can now tap into expanded transactions from mobile apps and their customers who require cash. Shorter transaction times and less fraud increases your profitability and provides a more enjoyable user experience.

Provide access to everyone with a mobile phone

Customers are increasingly leaving their wallets and cards behind— but they still want easy access to cash. Why not provide access to everyone with a mobile phone? Reduce fraud, transaction time, and hardware costs even while you increase transactions, customers, and revenue. 

Implementation Process
Request a Demo

Request a demo and a Just Cash rep will be glad to show you how simple Just Cash is to use. We will work with you to understand your mobile cash needs and ambitions, so we can effectively provide a seamless solution for your valued customers.

Enable ATM's

Enable your ATMs with our API. Make your ATM network available to new customers, new transactions, and new revenue from other mobile app users and increase the utility of your ATM network.

Increase Traffic

Increase foot traffic with proximity marketing and additional Just Cash specific features.

Deploy to Customers!

Through our partners, distribution channels, and thoughtful approach we work with you to best define a path for deployment to your customers to maximize engagement and customer interaction.