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with an industry-leading mobile cash feature

Engage Customers

Consumers are using mobile applications to do more and more—including paying for things. But there are times when cash is what they need. Without a mobile cash option, consumers will default to using a card at a local ATM or bank branch to complete their transaction. This would be a significant part of people’s financial lives where mobile payment options have little or no traction.

Just Cash is an easy, secure way to keep customers in your mobile app, even when they need cash from an ATM. Customers simply sign in to your app, generate a one-time cash code, and then use this code to access their cash at the ATM. Just Cash closes the payments loophole that the need for physical cash creates.

Fight Fraud

Every year, more than 38.1 million credit and debit cards are breached by hackers and criminals committing fraud. No wonder 7 out of 10 Americans list “hacking and credit fraud” as their biggest fear. Money spent on fraud protection by financial institutions alone comes to more than $6.5 billion annually.

When clients use Just Cash to access an ATM, the process creates a single-use, GEO location, time-sensitive, and value-limited cash code. No personal information is entered or shared. All codes are stored for a limited time in a securely hosted token vault, with bank-level encryption at every step. These features eliminate a hacker’s ability to get any useful information and virtually eliminates the possibility of fraud.

Transition Easily

It is estimated that consumers withdraw $600 billion in cash from ATMs globally every year. Over $300 billion—more than half—of that money comes from ATMs in the U.S. alone. Although mobile cash solutions are helping to increase access and fight fraud, many of those existing solutions live in “siloed” systems that do not connect to existing networks, or that do not work with all existing ATMs.

Just Cash is built differently. It uses an interoperable standard that works with existing infrastructure, guaranteeing both a high level of security and compatibility with existing ATMs. No hardware is needed; Just Cash is a 100% software solution that is free to install and easy to use. This means 100% found profit with little set-up time or need to “train” customers.

Quick Facts

Customers require access to cash

Provide mobile cash to your customers through your existing mobile app. Customers no longer need to disengage from your platform to access cash. Empower your customers to go truly mobile!

The technology has effectively garnered support from major industry participants

Just Cash brings together two technologies that are already proven and trusted: ATMs and mobile apps. Cash transactions process on existing rails using bank-level encryption, and all transactions use pseudo-random, cryptographically secure algorithms and token generation for maximum security. Time limited, value limited, and GPS specific. These security features help financial institutions address the number one concern: fraud.

Where are they withdrawing cash

Unique opportunities to for proximity marketing throughout the mobile cash experience. Customers can receive valuable information and offers based on where they are going to withdraw cash.

Provide your customers with “the last mobile mile” with access to cash

Tap into a huge market, with 5.6 billion ATM transactions in the US last year totaling over $300 billion withdrawn. Grow new revenue, through a new feature, easily integrated into your app through our API. Keep customers engaged with your mobile app, instead of disengaging when the critical need for cash arises. 

Implementation Process
Request a Demo

Request a demo and a Just Cash rep will be glad to show you how simple Just Cash is to use. We will work with you to understand your mobile cash needs and ambitions, so we can effectively provide a seamless solution for your valued customers.

Integrate API

Enable your mobile app with our API. Mobile Cash becomes available to your customers in your existing mobile app menu. Integration is supported by our hardworking and friendly development team.

Become "Truly Mobile"

Become “Truly Mobile” with mobile cash and take control of the “last critical mile” access to cash. Eliminate the requirement for customers to disengage when they need this critical function of commerce.

Deploy to Customers!

Through our partners, distribution channels, and thoughtful approach we work with you to best define a path for deployment to your customers to maximize engagement and customer interaction.